54th Inter IIT Sports Meet

In the words of Julie Foudy, “Sports not only build better athletes but also better people.”

IITs have always strived to give equal importance to sports, extra-curriculars and co-curriculars in order to build strong well-rounded, holistic individuals.

The Legacy

With 53 years of legacy, Inter IIT sports meet is an intense battle to victory as the best minds of the country prove their mettle in sports.

Bright Side

In 2019, IIT KGP and IIT BBS will host the 54th edition of this premiere event. This time the meet is expanding in all it’s domains.

Competiton Heat

The stakes are high this time, as each and every IIT wishes to take the trophy back home. There will be 14 sports where students can showcase their skills.

Mother of all IITs - IIT Kharagpur

In keeping with its motto ‘योगः कर्मसु कौशलम् ’ or ‘Yoga is skill in works’, IIT Kharagpur has always put utmost importance on hard work and perseverance, which are the key ingredients for success in any field. Being the oldest IIT, it has never shied away from taking responsibility or taking the lead and showing its younger counterparts, the way.

Here in the midst of the beautiful and calm town of Kharagpur, away from the hustle and bustle of the metros, lies the largest and the oldest, aptly named ‘ mother of all IITs’. IIT Kharagpur has done justice to the dreams of the stalwarts who established it and has helped foster the greatest minds of the country, who have gone on to excel in varied fields, ranging from politics to media, sports to entrepreneurship, and science to engineering.

About Gymkhana

Technology Students’ Gymkhana is the hub of the numerous extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in IIT Kharagpur. The Gymkhana is managed by the students, for the students, under the guidance and active participation of the faculty and staff members.

Our goal is to bring overall development in IITians through cultivating and nurturing their extra-curricular talents. The Technology Students Gymkhana provides a host of facilities like an olympic sized swimming pool, indoor badminton, squash and basketball courts, a humongous ground, and well equipped tracks, to nurture the students talents.


In 2019, IIT Kharagpur and IIT Bhubaneswar will co-host the 54th edition Inter IIT Sports Meet. 10 sports will be organised by IIT Kharagpur while the rest 4 by IIT Bhubaneswar.

Swimming & Water polo

  • Swimming: Individual | Both M&W | Max. 2 participants from each category
  • Water Polo: Team | Only M | Max. 13 players in a team

Lawn tennis & Table Tennis

  • Lawn Tennis: Team | Both M&W | Max. 4 players in a team for men and 3 players for women
  • Table Tennis: Team | Both M&W | Max. 4 players in a team for men and 3 players for women

Football, Volleyball & Basketball

  • Football: Team | Only M | Max. 16 players in a team
  • Volleyball: Team | Both M&W | Max. 12 players in a team for both categories
  • Basketball: Team | Both M&W | Max. 12 players in a team for both categories

Cricket, Hockey & Chess

  • Cricket: Team | Only M | Max. 16 players in a team
  • Hockey: Team | Only M | Max. 16 players in a team
  • Chess: Mixed | Both M&W | Team of 6 participants

Badminton & Squash

  • Badminton: Team | Both M&W | Max. 5 players in a team for men and 3 players for women
  • Squash: Team | Both M&W(demo) | Max. 4 players in a team for men and 3 players for women

Athletics & Weightlifting

  • Athletics: Both Individual & team games | 18 games for men & 11 games for women | Max 2 participants for each game
  • Weightlifting: Individual| 5 games only for men | Max. 2 participant for each game | Max 10 players

Inter IIT 2019

Born in 1961, with only 5 IITs mustering a participation of 500 students in its first edition hosted by IIT Bombay, the event has grown steadily since.

Golden Chance

Golden Chance to prove yourself in the field of sports.

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Sportsmen Talk

Motivate yourself in the light of great sportsmen's and celebrity lectures.

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Social initiatives

Involve yourself in making a change for better society and world.

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